MySpace launches enhanced search field – look up your photos Reply

Recent MySpace enhancements include a new super-duper search field which makes it easier to search for misappropriated photographs and unauthorized uses of copyright protected photographs.  The search field on MySpace now gives options for searching by category.  ‘Photographs’ is one of the search category options and with this new tool it is easy to launch a broad search of all photos posted to MySpace with a common word or words in their name or title.  Since a lot of MySpace users tag photographs that they post to their MySpace page in the same way that the original photographer, author, artist, or business titled them… it’s easy to find these poached photos by running a MySpace search of Photographs with the photographers name, the title of the photograph or the business that the photo is associated with.

If you have published photographs …take a minute to search for any unauthorized uses of your photos on MySpace with their enhanced search tool.

[It’s also a good idea to also run a search on your name and or business name.]

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