Funding can make or break a new project – check out for creative ways to fund your ideas. 1

Money is often a critical component for launching a creative project.  Money is the real world component for making ideas happen.   All too often securing funds or backers to launch a creative project comes with strings attached, including signing over a large portion of the rights in your work for cash up front.  For example, when a musician signs with a record company, the record company puts up money to create an album, but the signing musician rarely has the bargaining power to negotiate the contract terms and consequently the musician often sign over a large bundle of rights in their music.

On the other hand, securing other sources of backing to launch a creative project can be overwhelming.  However, this is where comes to the rescue. has developed a creative and flexible platform for soliciting funding for creative projects (via reward based crowdfunding).  On it is possible to launch a campaign to raise pledges to fund your creative project.  Eligible projects include: music, art, film, food, publishing, design, and technology projects.  Part of funding a creative project via involves setting a fund-raising goal, sharing a bit about your project, and establishing pledge amounts (starting at $1) and corresponding pledge rewards.  Establishing pledge amounts and rewards is a fun part of the process.  For example, for all $20 pledges the donor gets a signed copy of your CD.  For $10 more, you can include a digital download of a bonus track or the score of one song on the album.  For higher pledges of $200 or more… VIP show tickets or a personal music lesson can be included. is a fun way to build momentum, launch a creative project, involve your fans and secure funding up front.


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