Social Media: joining the conversation Reply

Social Media networks have created a global conversation of epic proportions.  Figuring out how to plug-in and use social media efficiently is a million dollar question.  Monitoring trends and conversationsdisseminating information… and joining the conversation are all ways to plug-in to social media.

Actually joining the conversation is proving to be the most effective way to reach people.  This is common sense, really.  A conversation engages people and has a higher chance of eliciting a response than just talking at someone, blaring a commercial, or watching silently on the sidelines.

A few interesting tips on effective use of social media:

  • 3am to 9am, pacific time… is the magic window when social media posts have the most traction because, this is the time of day when a posting or tweet can generate the most discussion around the world and across time zones.
  • Social media management tools have developed that allow you to manage various social media sites from a single account.  (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Postling)

Think about it… have fun… and be smart as you join the conversation and maneuver through social media networks.

BY: Vanessa Kaster, Esq., LL.M.


See also: Time, Tide and the Net Wait for No One by Chief of Navel Operations Adm. Gary Roughead; and The Twitter Paradox at;;;; @iplegalfreebies and

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