Lady Gaga defends her NAME as a trademark Reply

Lady Gaga successfully trumped the trademark application of a company who attempted to register her name as a trademark without permission.  Kind of sneaky to attempt to register LADY GAGA as a trademark to sell makeup and jewelry.  (Celebrities often get big bucks to endorse products).

Can a name be used as a trademark?  Yes!  If it’s your own name… or if you have a signed written consent to use another person’s name.  When submitting a trademark application to register another person’s name as a trademark, a signed consent must be submitted along with the trademark application.  In this case, a signed written consent would be needed from Stefani Germanotta to use her stage name, Lady Gaga, as a trademark.  (Could also be different if a common name like JOHNSON were at issue.. but LADY GAGA is unique name of a mega-superstar).

What happened?  The unauthorized LADY GAGA trademark registrations were cancelled.  (The unauthorized applicant filed for express abandonment of the trademark applications).  …and a lawsuit was filed in Manhattan.

For more info on this topic see also —> .  The trademark applications at issue were serial numbers 85032486 and 85033835 filed by Excite Worldwide LLC. @iplegalfreebies and

BY: Vanessa Kaster, Esq., LL.M.

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