Your in LUCK… a clear synopsis of SOPA legislation Reply

An insightful look at the SOPA legislation is provided by Senator Adam Schiff (CA) in his analysis of the three veins of opposition to the intellectual property legislation. These insigts were captured in an interview by

There were three forms of opposition to the (SOPA) intellectual property legislation.

One that I would characterize as a legitimate concern. People who were worried that it would have an adverse impact on 1st Amendment freedoms. That is not the intent of the bill, I don’t think it’s the effect of the bill, but people have a sincere concern about that, and we ought to address that concern.

But there were two other forms of opposition too, there’s the opposition of people who think whatever you get on the Internet should be free. That it’s sort of a right to enjoy the product of somebody else’s labor if it’s on the Internet.

And that I don’t have much sympathy for. To me it’s no different to steal someone’s song, or someone’s film off the Internet than it would be to steal a CD or DVD from a record store.

The final opposition, and this was in many cases the most formidable, because it was the most heavily financed and organized opposition, was those who like to advertise on pirate sites. That’s where the revenue comes from. And it’s big business. There are millions of eyeballs that go to these pirate sites and companies generate revenue from that. Legitimate companies generate millions of dollars from illegitimate sales.

This (SOPA) is really an effort to go after that. To the critics of SOPA, in the technology sector I would say if you don’t like SOPA then what do you propose? Because we can’t continue to allow billions of dollars of product to be stolen.

This is one area of competitive economic advantage to the United States. We are really good (at creating) intellectual property – at software, at music, at films, and other forms of IP. And we can’t afford to have the area that we really excel ripped off.

For more information see: J. Savageau’s interview at

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