‘GI BILL’ trademarked to shield veterans from fraud Reply

This fall the Department of Veteran Affairs trademarked the term ‘GI BILL’ to gain control over how the term is used by universities to solicit and recruit veterans. Evidently, an investigation by the Senate and Government Accountability Office found that some for-profit colleges and universities have been using the term GI BILL to recruit veterans without full disclosure of costs, loans and dropout rates.

ImageAgentProxyBy registering the trademark GI BILL (USPTO Reg No. 4225784), the Department of Veteran Affairs will be the owner of the trademark and gain exclusive control over how the trademark is used which means they should have the power to prevent deceptive and fraudulent uses of the term. The Department of Veteran Affairs plans to issue terms of use for the ‘GI BILL’ trademark within the next few months and has already obtained rights to the GIBILL.com domain.

By registering the GI BILL trademark, the Department of Veteran Affairs will continue to support Servicemembers, Veterans and their families in their educational pursuits and is taking proactive steps to stop fraudulent and deceptive uses of the term.

For more information: http://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=2408, www.uspto.gov and www.kasterlegal.com

BY: Vanessa Kaster, Esq., LL.M.


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