AT&T revises the process for Mobile Device Opt-Out of Data Sharing Reply

Many of you may already know that AT&T has made changes to their Privacy Policy to allow them to share more of your personal data (gathered on each of your devices) with advertisers and external marketing folks. (I posted a blog about this in July <click here to read it>).

This is a FOLLOW UP post regarding changes that AT&T has made to the Opt-Out process to simplify it and iron out the kinks.  AT&T has acknowledged that some of its customers (including me and maybe you too) had difficulty completing the Opt-Out process on their mobile devices and as a consequence AT&T has revised the process for Opting-Out on a mobile device.

Here are the new revised instructions that were emailed out by AT&T:

  • From your AT&T mobile device you want to opt out, go to
  • Make sure you are on the AT&T wireless network, and not on any Wi-Fi
  • Choose the blue Opt-Out button. You should receive the following message: “Thank you. This device will not be receiving AT&T AdWorks Relevant Advertising”

I just went through these steps on my iPhone and received the promised confirmation message.  Simplifying this Opt-Out process and providing a confirmation message was a good move.  All AT&T customers should have received an email from AT&T giving notice of this revised Opt-Out process for mobile devices.  (THANKS to all of you who contacted AT&T to let them know that you were having difficulty with the initial Opt-Out process.  I have a hunch that this new revised Opt-Out was launched in response to the feedback we all provided).

BY: Vanessa Kaster, Esq., LL.M.

For more information on privacy policies see:;;; and for more information on Opt-Out policies see: ; @iplegalfreebies and

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